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Parties & Functions Terms & Conditions

1. The Responsible Person

It is necessary for the Hotel to have one principal point of contact during the planning of an event and during the event itself.  This person will be known as “The Responsible Person”, and our contractual relationship will be with this person.

The Responsible Person will be our point of contact at all times and must have authority to deal with us on behalf of every member of the party. The Responsible Person must accept full responsibility for the group, and must ensure that all members of the group adhere to the terms and conditions.  He or she must remain as group leader until the activity or stay is completed. The Responsible Person must be present and remain sufficiently sober to deal with and assist with the Hotel’s reasonable requests.

2. Deposits & Payments

At the time of booking the Hotel will establish an estimated cost of the event based on core components, which will in most cases be meal costs. To secure the booking the Hotel will require a deposit of 25% of this Core Spend. If you book more than one year ahead, we will accept a £250.00 deposit, with the balance to 25% becoming due one year before the event. This will also allow the Hotel to allocate rooms and facilities.

Three months before the planned event the Hotel shall receive confirmation of services required and numbers attending. Based on these details the Hotel will issue a pro-forma invoice and will require a further deposit of 50% of the estimated total costs less the initial deposit.

Two weeks before the event, the organisers and a representative of the Hotel will hold a final planning meeting to confirm arrangements. The balance of payments due must be paid at this time.

Customers who book exclusive use of the Hotel will be expected to pay the Exclusivity Charge along with the deposit at the time of booking. 

3. Cancellations & Amendments

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel or postpone your booking at any time prior to the event, the Hotel will make every effort to re-sell the facilities on your behalf.

If we are successful in reselling the facilities, for a fee equal to or greater than your pro-forma invoice price, we will charge you an administrative fee of 15% of the amount quoted on the pro-forma invoice, but no other charges will be due and we will refund any balance of the deposit. 

If we are unsuccessful in reselling the cancelled or amended booking, for a fee equal to or greater than your pro-forma invoice price, a cancellation charge will be made. This will reflect the Hotel’s loss both in terms of expenditure and the lost opportunities to sell our facilities and services. Actual costs will be calculated and charges may exceed the amount held on deposit at any given time.

Definitive cancellation charges can only be confirmed to you after the intended date of your event.

The Hotel accepts bookings at the prices quoted based on the size and nature of a function. Whilst in most cases the Hotel is able to offer some flexibility in changing numbers, significant changes to the programme or reductions in the numbers attending each part of the function may result in the introduction of or an increase in the Facilities Charge equal to the reduction in the Core Spend (defined in clause 2 above). At the time of booking the Hotel will indicate the percentage decrease in the Core Spend which it is able to accept without the addition of or increase to a Facilities Charge.  

Should the customer make significant changes to the programme or the number of guests, the Hotel reserves the right to transfer the Party to a more appropriately sized room.

Full charges will apply for all changes made with less than 14 days notice.

Any cancellation, postponement or partial cancellation should be verbally advised to the Hotel in the first instance. All cancellations or variations must be confirmed in writing and the facilities you have reserved cannot be released for resale until this is received and acknowledged. 

The Hotel strongly advises cancellation insurance, as all payments once received are non-refundable except as stated above.

4. Amendments or Cancellations by the Hotel

The Hotel reserves the right to cancel any booking forthwith or reserves the right to offer alternative facilities without any responsibility on its part in the event of:

  • Any occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the Hotel which shall prevent it from performing its obligations in connection with the booking.
  • If the booking might, in the opinion of the Hotel, prejudice the reputation of the Hotel.

Whilst every effort is made to maintain prices at the rate quoted, the long planning times involved in functions may result in significant increases in commodity prices. The Hotel reserves the right to vary prices to reflect major increases in costs. Where appropriate a substitute item will also be offered at the previously quoted price.

The Hotel reserves the right to increase the quoted price to reflect increases in Government imposed duties such as VAT and excise duty. 

5. Additional Charges

A credit card must be provided for pre-authorisation if credit facilities are required on the day. Any such charges are to be settled before departure.

6. Code of Conduct

The Wroxeter Hotel places great emphasis on providing a pleasant and safe environment for its guests and staff. As such, we reserve the right to ask any guest who is abusive, threatening or offensive to our guests or staff to leave the Hotel immediately and incur any relevant early departure charges. Reasons for summary eviction include drunkenness, unreasonable behaviour, foul or abusive language, racist comments, making excessive noise both inside and outside the buildings, willful or negligent damage of Hotel property, suspected theft from the company or other guests, trespass in staff only areas, willful avoidance of agreed charges, consumption of food or drink other than that supplied by or through the Hotel, and suspected use of illegal drugs – although this list is not exhaustive. All of our public areas are covered by CCTV.

7. Entertainment & Decorations

The Wroxeter Hotel will not permit any strip-o-grams or any other forms of live entertainment, unless previously agreed in writing by the Hotel. The Hotel will also not permit the group to bring, wear or use props, inflatable items, printed t-shirts, fancy dress, etc. unless previously agreed in writing by the Hotel.

Decorations used both inside and outside the premises must be appropriate and tasteful, and must not damage the fabric or decoration of the premises.

To maintain the goodwill of our neighbors, firework displays are only occasionally permitted. Parties wishing to hold firework displays should inform the Hotel as early as possible. Aerial Chinese Lanterns represent a fire hazard in dry or windy weather and will only be authorized on the day of the event.

8. Third Party Suppliers

The Hotel requires three months advanced notification if party organisers are planning to engage suppliers and service providers other than those arranged by the Hotel. This includes entertainers, DJs and musicians, chocolate fountains, equipment suppliers such as bouncy castle and bucking broncos, firework displays and party decorators.

Where applicable suppliers will be required to submit copies of relevant documentation which may include:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Hygiene Certification
  • PAT Certificates
  • Professional Qualifications

Suppliers will also be required to state what support they will require from the Hotel including space, access and power supply.

Where the Hotel’s activities are dependent on the activities of third party supplier, the supplier must conform to the Hotel’s timetable requirements.

The Hotel reserves the right to preclude suppliers who do not meet the required criteria or to add a surcharge to reflect the additional cost associated with the activities of third party suppliers. We strongly recommend that customers discuss their intentions with the Hotel before committing to a particular supplier.

9. Noise

It is our intention to provide an enjoyable stay for all our guests and to allow our neighbours the peaceful enjoyment of our rural environment. We therefore expect guests to be quiet and discreet in the accommodation wing and in the outside areas of the Hotel. Noise in the function rooms and bar will be controlled to prevent disturbance and guests are expected to co-operate with this noise control.

Discos, live musical entertainment and other sources of noise must be managed sensibly by the provider who must obey the instructions of the Duty Manger. Music and entertainment must cease at the time agreed. This will be 12:00 midnight unless agreed in writing by the Hotel.

The windows and fire doors in function rooms are not to be used for ventilation during functions where there is musical entertainment as these compromise part of the building’s sound proofing.

Guests are asked to be considerate when leaving functions and events at night avoiding noisy farewells in the car park, slamming of car doors and revving of engines.

10. Damage and Misdemeanor

We reserve the right to invoice our guests for damage or negligent soiling caused to any parts of our premises; accidental or otherwise. Failing to tell us about damage to our property may result in higher-than-expected maintenance or cleaning charges due to delayed intervention. 

11. Food & Drink

The Hotel is able to offer its services to parties at the prices agreed because it reasonably expects guests to purchase food and drink from our bar and restaurant during the course of their stay. Only food and drink served by the Hotel may be consumed on the premises (which include the car park and grounds).

In exceptional circumstances and with the prior agreement of the Operations Manger the Hotel will serve privately sourced drinks, but a corkage charge will be made on all drink handled (including any returned unopened) and the Hotel reserves the right to preclude any drink which is non-compliant or would reflect badly on the Hotel’s reputation.

If organizers wish to present or provide beverages to their guests as gifts or prizes, we will assume that these will be consumed on the premises and a corkage charge will be due.  Alternatively the organizers must make all reasonable efforts to ensure the gift or prize is not consumed on the premises.

Consumption of food and drink on the premises, which have not been purchased from the Hotel, constitutes a loss of revenue for which the Hotel will require compensation. If guests are discovered consuming illicit food or drink, or there is clear evidence that illicit food or drink has been consumed (for example bottles found in the function room) the Responsible Person will be informed of the incident and where possible those associated with it. A charge, which shall be in the absolute determination of the Hotel, will subsequently be raised against the Responsible Person equating to the Hotel’s loss. Typically a charge of £20.00 will be made for a standard bottle of spirit and £10.00 for a bottle of wine.

12. Bar and Late Bar

The Lounge Bar is normally available to guests from 11:00am until 11:00pm. In the event that it is closed during these times residents should request drinks service through the Reception.

If a function bar is in operation, residents are welcome to purchase drinks from the Lounge Bar. Function bars will generally close at 12:30am unless otherwise agreed.

On those occasions when a night porter or other member of staff is working in the public areas, drinks service may be available after 12:30am to residents who have attended a function. Such service is at the sole discretion of the member of staff and may incur an additional charge.

It is a criminal offence to serve persons under the age of 18 with alcoholic drinks, except that those over 16 may consume beer, cider or wine served with a full meal. We will challenge those who appear to be under the age of 21 to provide suitable proof of age and will not serve them alcoholic drinks if proof is unavailable. It is also a criminal offence to procure drinks for under aged persons, drinks so procured will be confiscated and the person who procured the drink may be required to leave the premises and reported to the Police. 

13. Protection of Children

Children under the age of 16 must be properly supervised throughout their stay at the Hotel. They may not at any time sit at the bar and may not consume alcohol on the premises. (We will only allow those between 16 and 18 years of age to consume alcohol under special circumstances by prior arrangement with parents or legal guardians.)

After 7:00pm children under the age of 16 are only permitted in the function room allocated to the party or an accommodation room booked by their parent or guardian or a room allocated as a crèche and properly supervised. Children who need to leave the allocated room for whatever reason must be accompanied by an adult. This is especially important for children going to the public toilets, the accommodation wing and outside areas.

14. Entry to the Functions

Functions must not be advertised to attract members of the general public unless specifically agreed in writing by the Hotel. No entrance fee may be charged unless this represents the collection of payment to defray the cost of the function. No profit may be made by the organisers from ticket sales unless this is for charitable purposes and has previously been agreed by the Hotel in writing.

15. Overnight Accommodation for Guests Attending a Function

If the Responsible Person wishes to book and pay for rooms on behalf of guests, they may do so by paying a 50% deposit at the time of booking, the balance will then be added to the main account for settlement in part at the three month point and in full two weeks prior to the Function.

Accommodation booked directly by function guests must be paid for in full at the time of booking.

A limited number of rooms may be available for early check-in (before 3:00pm) however a supplement will be charged as follows: check-in at 12:00 noon £15.00, check-in at 1:00pm £10.00, check-in at 2:00pm £5.00. Check-in before 12:00 noon will incur a full room charge as this prevents us from letting the room on the night before.

In the event of a cancellation we will offer the rooms to the function organiser for reallocation, in which case we will refund the booking fee less 15% administration fee. If the rooms are not required, we will attempt to re-sell them and will refund 85% of the fee if we are successful. If it is necessary for us to discount the rooms in order to sell them, any refund will be reduced by the discount.

Where the function leader has booked and paid for bedrooms on behalf of any of their guests, a full rooming list with the names of all occupants is to be supplied to the Hotel 2 weeks ahead of the Function. Function guests who book directly with the Hotel may avail themselves of discounted rates. Where discounted rates apply the Hotel will expect payment in full at the time of booking. In the event that a guest cancels the booking, we will attempt to re-sell them and will refund 85% of the fee if we are successful. If it is necessary for us to discount the rooms in order to sell them, any refund will be reduced by the discount.

16. Cooling Off Period and Amendments to Terms and Conditions

Customers will be given a copy of the Hotel’s Terms and Conditions at the time of booking, when the initial deposit is paid. They are strongly advised to read the terms and conditions carefully and ask questions about any aspect which is unclear. If, on reflection, the Customer is unable to accept all the terms and condition they should notify the Hotel within two weeks of booking and payment of the deposit. The Hotel will then refund the deposit less a £30.00 administrative charge.

The Hotel reserves the right to make reasonable amendments to its Terms and Conditions to conform with new legislation or in the interests of business efficiency. Major changes will be notified to customers who have bookings, however we request that customers check our website which contains the definitive version, or periodically request a current version.

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