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Roman Banquet

£35.00pp for 16 Dishes & Wine

The Wroxeter Hotel’s Roman Banquet has borrowed freely from the famous Cena Trimalchionis (Trimalchio’s Dinner) with the addition of other authentic Roman dishes. However, some adjustments have been made for modern taste and the unavailability of the more “exotic” ingredients. Guests are invited to eat with a knife and spoon and of course their fingers, however forks are available on request. Available for groups of 6 to 200. Call or email us for more information.

Gustatio (Starters)
Based on Trimalchio’s Zodiac Signs

Chickpeas (Ramified Peas) Coarsely Ground and Served with Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and Spices of the East
(Lemons were in use by the Romans in the First Century AD)
Beef Consommé with Fine Strips of Prime Beef
Diced Lambs Kidneys Pan Fried with Onions in Butter
(We have omitted testicles from this dish to suit modern tastes)
Crab Cakes made with Swede, Carrot and Capers
(Trimalchio served an inedible crown of Myrtle – a plant related to Capers)
Figs Steeped in Spiced Honey
Mediterranean Herb Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Mixed Olives
(Instead of Trimalchio’s Sterile Sow’s Womb)
Two Balanced Plates, one of Honey Cake and one of Cheese Tartlet
In the Absence of Scorpion Fish, Peppered Sardines with a "Sting in their Tail"
As Seahorses are now an endangered species they have been substituted here with
An “Arrow” of Grilled “Dormice” Seasoned with Honey and Poppy Seeds
(For environmental health reasons, these Dormice are 100% rodent free!)
A Patty of Lobster and Risotto Rice
Sumptuous Goose Liver Pate
Red Mullet Cooked in a White Wine Sauce
Served with Rustic Bread and Mulsum (Honeyed Wine)

Prima Mensa (The Main Course)

A Rack of Pork Ribs Cooked in a Marinade of Liquamen (Fermented Fish Sauce) Honey, Oil, Vinegar and Spices
Accompanied by Vinum Falsum (Watered Wine) 

Secunda Mensa (Dessert)

Sweet Tarts Stuffed with Nuts and Raisins
Filo Pastry Layered with Nuts and Honey (Baklava)
Fresh Seasonal and Preserved Fruit

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